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Creativity and good governance shine with SGI’S new online courses!

BY: SGI|8 October 2019
BLOG| Evolving world of work

We are delighted to announce that we have entered into partnerships with CheHan Ideaneers and FluidRock to introduce four new online courses to our offering. In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (and in our recent article on upskilling women for the 4IR), core ‘human’ skills like creativity and effective governance are more important than ever before. Our new courses address these pivotal capabilities in a practical way that empowers participants to feel future fit and work ready.


Three online short courses with CheHan include: Creativity in Business, Creative Intelligence and Innovation, and Creative Intelligence. The course with FluidRock is called Effective Directorship and is a new flagship offering.


Our CEO Frik Landman says, “The courses align with SGI’s philosophy of ensuring our faculty instil practical capabilities that enable students to immediately apply new skills to their real-world work contexts. We’re also very aware that myriad generations are working side-by-side, so the focus on creativity, especially, is a way to reach millennials and emerging Gen Z-ers with material intended to bolster their resilience and relevance in a workplace that’s changing rapidly.”


Frik adds that the Effective Directorship course is extremely important and expands SGI’s course range from entry level to top leadership. This is a natural next step for SGI given our growth since our founding at the beginning of the year. As an innovative, agile business, we consistently want to provide new, innovative courses at a rapid rate. With big business partners coming on board, we recognised we needed to expand our suite of courses to offer real value to top-level leaders. You can read Frik Landman's views on becoming a responsible director here.


Watch Advocate Annamarie van der Merwe speak about the Effective Directorship course and what you can do differently afterwards.


As a start-up, we appreciate the power of collaborating with those with similar visions. Hence the collaboration with Dr Cherylene de Jager, founder of CheHan. Brigitte Schwartz, our Chief Marketing Officer at SGI, says, “We immediately recognised a synergy. Cherylene is a stalwart advocate for creativity; she’s said before that innovation without creativity is sterile, and often impossible. She believes everyone is capable of being creative – it’s a skill that can be honed that ensures a competitive edge across all industries. By offering this course, SGI adds another dimension to our innovation selection, helping to cultivate creative intelligence (CQ) for a future workplace that demands this.”


FluidRock was a similar case. There were obvious synergies that made partnering feel very natural. Brigitte says, “FluidRock provides governance training, coaching and mentoring to people on all levels in any organisation. What we loved about partnering with them is that they really focus on the practical elements. The lecturer is an advocate with years of experience and that comes through in the online classes, examples and case studies that you cannot get from textbooks.”


The Effective Directorship programme is extremely practical. With directors functioning in an increasingly complex world, there’s a great deal of responsibility to meet regulatory and statutory obligations. This means fully understanding the duties and potential liabilities involved in the position, in order to be an effective office bearer – and protected from prospective personal liability. The course delves into these intricacies, empowering participants to understand every facet of the role, learn to manage risk and upskill their knowledge through real-world case studies.


Frik says SGI has other partnerships in the works. “We’re continuously evolving our offering to instil the capabilities that’ll help our students thrive in their future professional – and personal – pursuits. South Africa is seeking emerging leaders with strong ethics and the ability to conceptualise creative solves to the collective challenges we face. This is what we’re focusing on with our new courses, which will bring a whole new facet to your role.”


All these courses are live with their first intakes beginning from 21 October 2019 and six intake possibilities for 2020. For more details on the creativity in business courses, click here. For more details on the Effective Directorship course, click here.


Visit our website at SGI.co.za.


Learn more about these new courses by clicking below:

Click here to learn more about the Effective Directorship online short course    Click here to learn more about the Creativity in Business online short courses


SGI FluidRock Course Prospectus on Effective Directorship

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