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The Importance of Creativity as a Skill in Business

BY: SGI|12 December 2019
BLOG| Evolving world of work

Being creative is not limited to the arts or a career in entertainment. It is the art of problem-solving. It is innovative thinking in a staid discipline. It is the ability to look at something in a fresh way, or approach it in a new way when everyone else does it the way it has always been done. It is the ability to spot opportunities where others see none. By harnessing creativity as a skill in business, organisations gain a competitive advantage in their industry that cannot be copied by their competitors.


These are only a few ways in which encouraging creativity as a skill in business will help your organisation and team members excel:


Improved problem-solving

Ultimately, being creative in a work-related environment is all about the ability to identify and create relationships between issues, objects, and processes to create solutions that are relevant and optimal – that is, to find better ways of doing things.


Increased agility

Creative people are often much more fluid in a work environment. They expect change along the way, and realise that their focus should always be on the outcome more so than the process. When change comes, and it will, they are not brought off track, but can instead adapt to stay on course to achieving their specific goals.


Harnessing new ideas

One of the biggest advantages of creative thinking is the ability to harness new ideas. So often, organisations and even industries are hampered by the fact that they do things the way they have always done it, and the way everyone else does it. Creative solutions allow you to stand out from the rest and identify solutions that are more efficient, effective, or simply untapped until now.


Overcoming the threat of automation

As processes-driven jobs are being automated, individuals can re-skill themselves and ensure their future viability and value in the workplace through creative input.


Team development

Creative input allows all team members to have a voice and actively take part, ensuring that all members and skillsets are providing maximum value.


In the fast-paced commercial and corporate world, creativity as a skill in business is a vital ingredient for more than achieving success – it is also necessary for survival. It is thus no wonder that this is one of the main soft skills sought out by employees when considering potential candidates.


It also stands to reason that individuals would want to further develop creativity as a skill in business in order to boost their career growth. The Stellenbosch Graduate Institute offers “Creativity in Business” as a short course to help you nurture this skill, as well as build the confidence to use it in your work environment. Upon successful completion of this course, you will have developed the following critical-thinking skills and abilities:

  • Apply the principles of knowledge management
  • Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation
  • Formulate recommendations for a change process
  • Contextualise creativity
  • Boost your own creativity
  • Put your creativity into action


Contact Stellenbosch Graduate Institute to find out more about how we can help you boost creativity as a skill in business, and to sign up for one of our practical and innovative courses. Together, we can realise your career dreams through education.


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