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Leading sustainable organisations through crisis and into the future

BY: SGI|29 July 2021

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is causing untold global human suffering while leaving an indelible impact on business sectors. The unprecedented strain on businesses, has forced many to close, downsize or rethink current and future sustainability. Many are in the process of reengineering their business models and strategies; but are leaders doing enough?

After 18 months, what insights have global business leaders gained? How do leaders protect their employees and their bottom lines through the crisis but also move from surviving to thriving when economies will still be reeling?

The four strategic areas most business leaders are focusing on – recovering revenue, rebuilding operations, rethinking the organisation and accelerating the adoption of digital solutions. However, underpinning the success of any strategy is culture. In this panel session, we seek to share our insights into how leaders are adapting their organisational cultures to not only steer their organisations through the crisis but also actively adapt it to prepare for the ‘next normal’. We look to engage with you on:

  • Leadership implications - How to lead more effectively through crisis and beyond; what are the leadership styles of the future
  • The role of culture – Tapping into culture to accelerate companies ability to adapt faster and emerge stronger
  • Change and resilience - Understand the “human” need for certainty and managing change in an emotional attuned manner
  • Manage emotions that arise due to change that could have an impact on performance and wellbeing



Darren Graham

Darren’s passion is to work with Business Leaders to find innovative ways to improve their team’s or company’s performance. He has spent most of his career working with Executives and their leadership teams to improve their ability to deliver their strategies.

Darren is a registered Industrial Psychologist. He has a B.Com, BA (Hons) and MA degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand. Darren has spent over 13 years in the financial services industry and has deep experience in psychometric testing and assessment, executive development, talent and performance management. Darren has successfully designed and implemented performance and strategy execution systems and processes, he has worked with Executives to help lead large scale organizational transformation, post merger integrations, and organizational re-structuring.  

Darren joined the Liberty Group in 2009 and in 2009 Darren was appointed as the Group Human Resources Executive and lead the Group’s Human Resources function for four years. Darren’s unique contribution is his ability to design and implement people,  leadership, organizational performance, and culture transformation processes within large businesses.

Darren is a Director and Shareholder at Circle and Square and Joint Prosperity. Whilst he continues to consult in the financial services industry, he now also consults for businesses in the mining, manufacturing, telecoms, and tourism sectors.

Anisha Patel

Anisha’s passion is to work with Business Leaders to build and transform a company’s culture in a way that empowers the organization to thrive through its people and teams. She believes that leadership is not about being in charge but rather about taking care of those in your charge. As an innovative, practical, solutions driven individual, she adopts an engaging approach to enabling business change.

Anisha is a registered Industrial Psychologist. She holds a BA, BA(Hons) and MA in Industrial Psychology from the University of the Witwatersrand and more recently completed her MBA through Henley Business School.

She has built her career over the last 14 years working in various industries, specifically financial services, travel and education. Prior to joining Joint Prosperity, Anisha was the Chief Human Capital Executive at Fundi. Her contribution at Fundi was her work with the CEO in designing and implementing a turnaround strategy for the organisation. In her capacity at Fundi, she has successfully led an organizational restructure, designed and implemented a culture transformation process to drive high performance through innovation and collaboration, and establish a Learning and Development Academy.

Rashida Obaray

Rashida has a B.A. (University of South Africa), a B.A. Honours (University of Stellenbosch) and a Masters in Clinical Psychology (University of Stellenbosch). Rashida is a registered Clinical Psychologist (PS0105422) with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and an Executive Coach, registered with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Initially employed with Deloitte in the early part of her career mainly conducting Recruitment and Psychometric Assessments. Rashida joined Joint Prosperity in 2003 and was involved in successfully setting up their Cape Town operation. Her role evolved from Cape Town to Johannesburg where she was the Head of our Assessments division. Rashida is currently Joint Prosperity’s Business Development lead responsible for business development, client engagement and business improvement. She is a Shareholder and Director at Joint Prosperity and is now based in JHB.

In 2006, Rashida undertook a sabbatical and pursued her clinical training full time. She was then employed by the South African National Defence Force as part of a multi-disciplinary team treating mainly Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Health issues, Family and Abnormal Psychology.  After 3 years of pursuing her clinical passion, she returned to Joint Prosperity and used the skills she gained to redefine her contribution to the business.

During her time at Joint Prosperity, Rashida has become a skilled assessment practitioner and is passionate about conducting executive assessments to 1) assist organization's to make the right hire, but also to 2) assist executives in gaining self-insight and making career decisions that fuel their passion and helps them to live their purpose. Rashida is passionate about using coaching as a tool to travel a journey with leaders to ensure that they understand their leadership impact, become and live their leadership brand and philosophy, define and understand their true purpose and access the energy and courage to live this.

Join us on Thursday, 29 July 2021 at 12h30 SA time as we engage in conversation with Darren Graham, Anisha Patel and Rashida Obaray on the topic - Leading sustainable organisations through crisis and into the future.

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