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Corporate Education

Flexible solutions for Executive training and education in an online world. 

Business Solutions

Custom business programmes

The quality of the learning experience differentiates pure content providers from effective learning providers. Stellenbosch Graduate Institute specialises in leadership content that translates into practical implementation in the workplace. Our leadership journeys are delivered in a unique online and facilitated experiences that are structured, guided and supported. 

In your quest to develop more agile leaders to drive strategy, we will collaborate with your organisation to co-design and provide a learning intervention with business-relevant content that can scale your company’s learning and development requirements without executives, managers or employees having to leave the workplace, unless so required.

In choosing Stellenbosch Graduate Institute, organisations and individuals will discover a learning partner that is not only conscious of the need for experiential learning, but also strives to customise programmes to ensure a strategic fit for both the organisation and the individual.

Fit for purpose delivery

We come to your site, offer a blended learning with onsite and online components, facilitate remotely with technology tools and also design repeatable online learning programmes - according to your needs and budget. 


We access experienced coaches that are in line with the level and exposure that your specific team require. 


Courses are certificated by Stellenbosch Graduate Institute for the specific corporate training that the participant completed. This is an ideal solution for certifying management skills and ensuring consistent corporate training interventions using online training.


SGI works with teams to identify solutions that are not dependent on a person having a Bachelors, Honours or Masters degree from any college or university for entry into executive training. 

Business Driven Action Learning

We build programmes that make a difference to your workplace through participants working on workplace based challenges that deliver real value to the business. 

Our interactive methodologies are ideal to enable top teams to take on the most difficult challenges in business. 

Ongoing learning

We have a range of forums that facilitate ongoing learning and building of effective skills that can be accessed by participants, even after the programme. Many of these initiatives will qualify for CPD points in professional contexts. 

Roll-out schedules

Roll-out schedules are designed with the client and standard SGI intake schedules can also be leveraged for more interaction across industries if required. 

Career Pathing

Our coaches work with individuals to identify to identify career paths and get the most our of executive job hunting. This also applies to administrative careers and executive positions. 

Psychometric and executive testing and evaluation

We work with leading providers to provide board evaluations, leadership assessments, psychometric testing and executive evaluations. 

We also access experts that evaluate teams and identifies team strengths and weaknesses. 

Management Skills Library

We combine elements of our world-class management development programme into a library of skills that can form part of building basic competence in the development of managers and executives. 

The management development programme in totality provides a comprehensive management training initiative. 

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Instructional design

Programmes are designed by top industry and leading experts and experienced facilitators.

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Contact Dr Riaan Steenberg on riaan.steenberg@sgi.co.za for custom corporate training requirements.

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